Yoga Therapy

These 60 minute private sessions are an opportunity to become more aware of your body, how it feels, how it moves, how it compensates, how it feels to be still and how it feels to find ease within. We use the traditional practices of yoga (mindful posture, conscious breath, visualization, meditation, yoga philosophy, etc) combined with pure movement, to help free the body of pain, and gain more ease, flexibility and mobility.

We work with the Principles of Movement (from Functional Synergy), to give you the freedom of feeling well in your body, enabling you to move better and do what you want to do in your life.

Principles of Movement:
- Nourish relaxation
- Keep the spine in mind
- Move largest joints first
- Move in an optimal range of motion
- Core stability arises from pure movement
- Relaxed resilience
- Move in a way that preserves ease - not increasing pain or tension
- Less is more

If you are living with pain, tightness or tension, or if you are aware of unease, or just feeling that things in your body or life could work better, explore the gentle practice of yoga therapy.

Yoga therapy appointments:
- Please click the Appointments tab above (or this link) for a list of currently available time slots. 

Pricing (per hour):
1 hour session - $80
3 sessions - $205
10 sessions - $625

Need more information? Email or call Leanne at 613-821-9789.